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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my piercing hurt?

Everyone goes through a different experience each time they get pierced. Most people usually feel a quick sharp pinch along with slight pressure, which usually lasts about one second. Our goal is not to hurt you, but instead make your piercing experience as painless and pleasant for you as possible.


How much will my piercing cost?

There are couple factors that go into pricing your new piercing. Deciding what style and material you want to be pierced with sets the pace for the total price of your new piercing. The fancier the jewelry, the fancier the price.


With this being said, it is safe to say you will most likely pay between $50-100 for a single piercing from any reputable studio.


How long will it take for my piercing to heal?

That totally depends on which piercing you have received. (See Aftercare) Some piercings heal more quickly than others. If you're taking care of it appropriately, and you live a healthy lifestyle, your piercing should heal quickly and happily. If you're ever unsure how your piercing is doing, feel free to contact us or stop by the studio, and we'll help you anyway we can!


Will my piercing leave a scar?

Most piercings, if taken care of and healed well, will leave minimal scarring. If you have a lot of scar tissue built up from playing with your piercing, you may have a more noticeable scar. For stretch lobes, which should be considered a permanent structure on your body, will usually not close up completely, but can shrink over time.


How is everything you use on me cleaned/sterilized?

We work out of a Statim (cassette autoclave), so everything we use on you is sterilized for you specifically in each separate cassette.  Needles are only used once, per person, per piercing, we will never reuse needles. Your needle along with your jewelry and any other implements that we will use with your piercing procedure (gauze, toothpicks and q-tips) will be sterilized in the Statim.


What type of jewelry should I put in my piercing?

This will depend on which piercing you are looking to get, and your specific anatomy. As long as we think your jewelry choice will work for your piercing (initially and long term) you can get as creative as you'd like!  

It is always best that the jewelry is always new and never worn by anyone else before it becomes yours.  We only offer the highest quality body jewelry available.


What jewelry should I wear if I have sensitive skin?

All of the jewelry we carry is of implant grade material. If you have allergies to certain metals, your best option is to figure out what you are allergic to. A lot of times, people have issues from plated jewelry or cheap costume jewelry that you can find at most shops or malls. Since we only carry implant grade stainless steel, titanium, niobium, and solid yellow, rose, white gold, piercing you with anything in our studio should not be an issue.


What should I look for in a shop/artist?

Always make sure that the studio is clean, and ask about how they will clean/sterilize everything for you. Ask to see their portfolio, and make sure their work looks good. Above all make sure you trust the person you are going to have pierce you. Do your research, and you can always ask for second opinions. The price may be right, but if the work isn't, what are you willing to sacrifice? What to look for in a professional body piercer


Minor policies?

We will pierce minors, but appropriate paperwork is needed

-Birth certificate of the minor wanting to be pierced

-Parent(s) present with valid state issued I.D.'s

-I.D. of the minor. If you do not have a drivers license (one can be obtained at the Secretary of State), a school yearbook, student I.D. or a passport will work.

 We will never perform any surface piercing or any other piercing below the neck except a navel piercing on any minor. Even if your parent is okay with it, we see it as unethical and inapropriate.





Troubleshooting piercings: PLEASE CONTACT US, we will always help you with any piercing issues or questions. You can also look through our aftercare section.





Cant find an answer?

Contact us

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