My earliest memory into the piercing world was 

around 6 years old downstairs of my parents basement

looking thru the pages of National Geographic, thoroughly 

amazed at what was being introduced to my eyes. 

Throughout the years life passed without much thought 

and it wasn't again that my passion for jewelry and

body art surfaced until the impressionable age of

thirteen, the family summer trip to Cedar Point

amusement park, it was this year waiting in line for the

Gemini roller coaster with my father that I saw what would soon

shape my future.  A guy with his pink mohawk and his 

Dangling skull/dagger earring that I could not stop

staring at even if I wanted to, I was amazed by his

appearance but this time it was different and I realized

I needed to experience something, little did I know that this

would become my true passion.


     I officially took my apprenticeship for body

piercing in 1993 at the Amulet in Grand Rapids with

further involvement in 1996 at The world recognized

Gauntlet studio in San Francisco for basic technique

and health and safety seminars.  Further education has

been my continued attendance at the Association of

Professional Piercing conferences since the year of

2001 which eventually lead to me becoming a member

of the APP in March of 2005.  Most importantly I wake

up each day waiting to pierce you in the safest

atmosphere created, one I would feel comfortable in.

James Raimar