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Body Piercer and Jewelry Specialist


Growing up I spent an unusual amount of time with my childhood friend at her dad’s tattoo studio. We would sit around drawing or playing barbies but I was always more fascinated with the people coming and going. Everyone had piercings and all I can remember is thinking – How do I get those? Soon after that I was begging my mom for a navel piercing and on my 14th birthday she granted me my rite of passage. I patiently waited four long years to be professionally pierced again. On my 18th birthday I started getting pierced and I couldn’t stop. By mid-2015 I was getting pierced so frequently that I was beyond just a client and a dear friend pointed out I should look into working in a studio. Something that had never crossed my mind even in my most far-fetched fantasies. I sat on that conversation for a while thinking of all the ways that was unrealistic for me. No matter how unrealistic, I couldn’t let the idea go.


Fast forward to the end of 2015, I had completed my first CPR and blood borne pathogens courses that allowed me time inside Holeybody. I spent my time cleaning and soaking in any knowledge any of the artists were willing to give me. Much time later I was presented with the opportunity to accept a formal apprenticeship with Jim at Holeybody. Today I continue to shape and perfect being the best professional body piercer and jewelry specialist.

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